This will be triggered when someone purchase your extension. You will receive a json formatted data.

Payload details:

  • accountId: Jepto account ID
  • accountName: Jepto account name
  • primaryUserEmail: The email of the Jepto primary user.
  • primaryUserName: The registered name of the Jepto primary user.
  • pipelines: List of objects regarding on the details of selected pipeline and properties. See below details of object.
  • ~pipelineId: The jepto pipeline ID
  • ~properties: Array or selected properties.
  • transactionType: This can be either of the following (NEW, UPDATE, REMOVE)
  • ~NEW: New extension purchase
  • ~UPDATE: Existing extension has been modified.
  • ~REMOVE: Extension has been removed.
  • transactionId: Identifier of the extension purchase.
  • transactionDateTime: Date of when the transaction completed.

Payload Structure:

    "accountId": "String",
    "accountName": "String",
    "primaryUserEmail": "String",
    "primaryUserName": "String",
    "pipelines": [{
        "pipelineId": "String",
        "properties": ["String"]
    "transactionType": "ENUM",
    "transactionId": "String",
    "transactionDateTime": "String"

Sample Payload:

    "accountId": "5dce041977f96813",
    "accountName": "Jepto",
    "primaryUserEmail": "",
    "primaryUserName": "John Doe",
    "pipelines": [
            "pipelineId": "975edadd1e2c48b2",
            "properties": [
    "transactionType": "NEW",
    "transactionId": "45571002",
    "transactionDateTime": "2021-07-13T07:45:08.164903Z"