To make it easier to get started, we have templates for both Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business) and Google Search Console.

NOTE: These instructions assume that you have already created a Pipeline, if you haven't please create your pipeline first.

1. Make a copy of a Template

Google Search Console Template -
Google Business Profile Template -

Open one of the above links and then make a copy by using the overflow menu (three vertical dots) in the top right corner of the Data Studio report.

2. Create a New BigQuery Data Source

As the template uses a Demo Data Source, you will need to create a new Data Source. Select the bottom option of 'Create data source' and then select BigQuery.

Create a new data source

Select BigQuery

3. Select the BigQuery Table and check the date range box

Select the 'My Projects' option and you should see a Project with the same name as your Jepto Account. If you don't see this, ensure that you have granted access to the Google Account that you are using in Data Studio. Ticking the date range box allows Data Studio to communicate with BigQuery to ensure that data is fetched as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Multiple Pipelines

Each Pipeline will create a new Dataset with a unique ID which is difficult to determine when creating a new Data Source in Data Studio. Therefore to get the ID, navigate to the pipelines page and then click on 'View'. Then underneath the graph expand the 'More Details' section to reveal the Dataset Name.

Click on View to see more details about the Pipeline
Copy the Dataset Name if you need to create a Data Source for a specific Pipeline

4. Adjust the report for your needs

Once you connect the Big Query table, the report creation process is the same as any other connector you have previously used.