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Accelerated Google Looker Studio Reports

Ditch the slow connectors and store your data for faster and more complete reporting.


Connect your favorite marketing tools to Google Looker Studio

Google Business Profile Connector

Google Business Profile

1 Location = 1 Credit


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

1 Ad account = 5 Credits


Google Search Console Connector

Google Search Console

1 Property = 10 Credits


How is this different and what are the advantages?

A standard Looker Studio connector doesn’t store any data, so it must fetch data from the source when you load the report. This is extremely slow and gets worse for long time periods or multiple accounts.

Jepto’s reporting solution fetches your data every day and uses a Data Warehouse for storage. This makes your data ready for querying, so even complex multi year reports load in seconds.

No more waiting for reports to load

Only pay for the data you want to report on

The Data Warehouse is owned by you

No limits on users or Google accounts you can add

All historic data is fetched and stored


Your reports will work even if there are API issues

What is a data warehouse and how do we use it to store your data for better reporting?

We collect, process and store your data in Google BigQuery every day, so it's always ready for reporting. We’ll also also create and manage BigQuery for you, at no extra cost.


How does Jepto Looker Studio reporting work?

Select a Plan

1. Create an Account

The No Code Data Warehouse is included in all Jepto plans. The Basic plan is our lowest cost at only $10 per month.

Purchase Credits

2. Purchase Credits

Credits are $1 per month.
1 Google Business Profile location = 1 credit
1 Facebook ad account = 5 credits
1 Google Search Console Property = 10 credits

Create Pipeline

3. Create a Pipeline

Select the accounts you want to report on and then create a report from our templates in one click, from your data warehouse.

How long does it take to get set up?

Connect your data to Google Data Studio in under 5-minutes

You can create a Jepto account and connect your data to Looker Studio in under 5-minutes.

Free support and report customisations

Our support team will help you customize your Looker Studio report so you get the most from the data

Live chat is available for all customers

Pre-built templates get you started quickly and showcase a variety of different data vizulisations