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Traffic light status to give you focus


Everything is On Track and no action is needed at this point in time. You are doing a good job!


You should watch this item and ensure that it does not turn red. No immediate action needed.


This item requires your attention as action needs to be taken imminently.

Reporting for the way you work

Recurring Reports

KPIs and Budgets automatically end at the time frequency that you set, with a new one created, so you don't have to do anything. The complete history of each period is recorded for you to look back and analyse.

KPI Management

Budget Tracker

Instant Reports

Anomalies and Automations don't always run on a set schedule as they are based upon events happening out of your control. So these reports are created when something occurs that you are watching for.

Anomaly Detection


Want to dig into the details?

Check our growing list of articles on the features within Jepto and how they can be configured to match the way you work.


We are different

1. Smarts made easy

As Digital Advertising becomes common practice the need to innovate and be smarter with budgets and your time gets greater. Our mission is to give you the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Automation in an easy to use way. Keeping ahead of the pack and offering your clients or stakeholders features normally reserved for Enterprise Marketing teams.

2. By Marketers for Marketers

Founded by people with a background of Digital Marketing in an Agency, Jepto is a range of solutions that work the way you would expect them too. No clunky interfaces or unexpected behaviours, just a smarter and easier way to get your work done.

3. Not another Dashboarding tool

Most tools want you to login into their Dashboard and be the centre of attention. We know from experience what pain this can cause, so integrations with the tools you already use like Slack, Data Studio and Zapier make working your way possible.

4. Agency Reporting

The needs of a Marketing Agency are different from a Business as there is a lot more to manage with clients having different packages and inclusions. An overview of your portfolio is crucial to know which clients need attention and give you piece of mind that you are across everything.

5. Enhance your Workflow

When you have established workflows for getting things done, you need a tool that is flexible enough to work within those boundaries and be a pleasure to use, Jepto is that tool. Marketing tools should enhance and not dictate your existing workflows.

Marketing Intelligence and Automation

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