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Analyze your review data and respond with AI generated replies tailored to your business.

Review Manager


Tired of trying to monitor all your Google Business Profile Reviews across multiple logins or accounts? With Jepto you can see Reviews from multiple profiles and even detect reviews that have been removed.

Easily see all unreplied reviews and respond directly with AI generated replies tailored to your business.

Reviews Dashboard

Reviews Features


Easily track performance on the number of reviews received and the average review rating across multiple Profiles all the in the one place.

AI Analysis

AI Suggested Replies

Leverage AI that uses your existing replies to create on-brand suggestions for effortless responses tailored to your business.

Our 'Fundamental AI' model is used on our 'Starter' plan which uses prompt engineering and persona options to generate suggested replies to your reviews.

Our 'Advanced AI' model is used on our 'Plus' and 'Pro' plans to leverage your marketing data and knowledge base to produce review replies tailored to your brand.

AI Suggested Replies
Unreplied Reviews

Filter Reviews

Use advanced filtering to hone your focus on unreplied, specific star ratings or reviews from certain Google Business Profiles.

Removed Reviews

Get notifications and see which reviews have been removed from your Profiles. Easily reinstatement or confirm when spam reviews are removed from your Profiles.

Removed Reviews

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Increase your rankings and understand customer sentiment through review management.

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