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Anomaly detection

Jepto’s anomaly detection feature allows for a smarter and more efficient way to spot anomalies in your marketing data. The platform utilizes a machine learning algorithm that thoroughly scans your data to look for anything that’s odd or out of the ordinary. Once it spots the anomaly, you will know about it instantly. The feature has configurable sensitivity settings, so you can be certain that you or your team will immediately be alerted regarding any unusual events.

With Jepto’s anomaly detection feature, you are in total control of the system settings. This will help make sure your team is always on top of things and that they are not over or under notified for each metric or aspect of your data you want monitoring constantly.


"Jepto is one of the best automation tools I used so far for budget forecasting and anomalies detection."

- Akhil K A


"You can set up alerts for any anomalies that might happen in your account."

- Brent R.

Workflow automation

Jepto’s automation feature is designed to facilitate your workflow, especially when it comes to your team. The platform allows you to effortlessly add robust and time-saving tasks to automate key processes that neither you nor your team has time to perform effectively. It also enables you to easily run specific tasks such as organic keyword ranking movements, 404 checks, robots.txt changes, and goal configuration changes on Google Analytics.


"Automations are excellent for tracking keyword progress in Google Search console. Automations also give you 404 warnings though the page status checker, and it also tell you if you get Google Reviews so you can reply to negative reviews in a timely manner."

- Administrator in Marketing and Advertising


"Automations and Anomaly Detection feature is super helpful!"

- Ted Ellis V

KPI management

Managing key performance indicators is a crucial aspect of any business. Jepto’s KPI management solutions allow you to set goals and apply a number of data-driven predictions of your progress through its forecast capability. The platform enables you to set KPIs for yourself, your team, or your clients and then view the data all in a single dashboard.


"It supports monitoring your KPI and I'll be using that on the next campaign."

- Max Z


"You can track KPIs and get alerts for certain changes. And what is there is very good."

- Brent R.

Budget/spend tracking

This feature allows you to keep track of your budget and spending with relative ease. Keeping track of advertising spend and making sure the marketing budget is being spent wisely are unavoidable aspects of a marketing manager’s daily responsibilities. Teams, departments, and individuals handle such responsibility differently as there are literally multiple ways to approach it. However, nothing makes the process easier and more efficient than an intuitive, robust, and feature-rich budget tracking software.


"With its budget projection capability your client is safe all the time; email notification comes handy too as it notifies you at your set day of the week."

- Gary A


"It's an innovative little platform that has really had us rethink how we automate and streamline our marketing campaigns."

- Verified Reviewer

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Digital Analytics ❤️ Jepto

As an independent digital analytics and tag management consultant, Jepto has made my life easier. My main focus is on data collection and data governance.

Jepto has allowed me to automate mundane tasks like monitoring anomalies in data through Machine Learning and AI (in other words: if there is a problem with data collection, I will know about it immediately). Through integration with Search Console, I can set up alerts on significant SEO changes such as new 404 pages with details that help me to quickly find the errors and communicate instructions to clients on how to fix them.

Matthew N
Tool that will help you to same time and decide fast!

Happy to jump in and hopeful for future. Great app!
Simple plug and play to connect apps. Nice looking Dashboard that you would like to come back. UI/UX is great!

Md ziaul H
Information Technology & Services, 2-10 Employees
Jepto Leading Indicator Excellence!!

Jepto pulls in data from Google Analytics and projects the exact numbers you need to hit to reach your growth goals. Things like 5% growth in organic searches, sessions, users. You can set any percent you like and track your progress over the month.

Jepto developers have updated the platform a couple of times since I've starting using it. All great improvements!

I highly recommend this tool for any marketer. It's a stark contrast to the backward looking Analytics tools, like GA.

Administrator in Marketing and Advertising
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Great tool to quickly get your KPIs and Google integrations info

It has been great. After setup that did take a little while it is essentially set, forget and just check my email to see a quick overview of how I am doing.

Josh C
Marketing and Advertising (Self-employed)
Strength to strength marketing support

As an agency, we use Jepto for all of our clients to monitor KPI's, digital anomaly detection and to aid our marketing automation strategies. Not only has it proven itself as a valuable time-saving tool, but it's also made us more responsive and aware of changes happening across the website. The GMB integration is particularly a god-send and the product continues to grow as the team keep coming up with great features that help keep my team at the top of their performance optimizations. We've seen the system grow from its Beta stage and are already using it as a standard across all our clients.

Stuart H
Small Business (11-50 employees)
A streamlined way to analyze PPC ads

I love that Jepto isn't trying to be everything to everyone. They have chosen to put a specific focus on the app. They aren't trying to be an all-in-one reporting app, and in fact, tell you to use other apps for your reporting. They have a Google Data Studio connector which is fantastic. Jepto helps streamline and monitor your PPC budgets. You can set up alerts for any anomalies that might happen in your account. You can predict budgets. And you can track KPIs and get alerts for certain changes. And what is there is very good.

Brent R.
Small Business (1-10 employees)
Lifesaver for Advertisers and SEO Analysts

Jepto is one of the best automation tools I used so far for budget forecasting and anomalies detection. Features of Search Console and Google Analytics Automation is extremely useful for me to keep up-to-date with the statuses.

Akhil K A
Automate tracking of your SEO and KPI Performance

We use Jepto to automate the measurement of KPIs and SEO Performance of our website. It is simple to set up measurements, and we then receive emails to notify us if an event has happened or our progress to date against a KPI.

Robert E
Internet(2-10 Employees)
Detailed KPI-Reports

Jepto offers a range of tools from some simple metrics to deeper insights into your Google Ads spending. It offers a broad variety of monitoring metrics and warns about abnormal behavior. It supports monitoring your KPI, and I'll be using that on the next campaign.

Max Z
Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)
Keep Ads Spend Budget Within Range

I have not harnessed to full capability of this software; I use the app to keep track of clients ads spend budget. With its budget projection capability your client is safe all the time; email notification comes handy too as it notifies you at your set day of the week.

Gary A
Marketing and Advertising (1-10 employees)
Neat and does the job of giving you simple and straight forward decision-making enablers for your ads

Neat and does the job of giving you simple and straight forward decision-making enablers for your ads.

Kamel S
Small Business (11-50 employees)
Keep track of important metrics

I love the idea of this software--having a dashboard for all of your important Google metrics in one place. It seems to work pretty well, I've been using it for almost two weeks.

Leif P
Marketing & Advertising(2-10 Employees)
Great tool for insights and goal trend

Trend predictions, anomalies detections and multiple accounts with slack integration.

Administrator in Health, Wellness and Fitness
Mid-Market (51-200 employees)
Always on the known

I love the ease of use of Jepto, Just set it up the way you like it and choose the measures you like to watch and get the info on your email whenever there is a change.

David J
Photography, Self Employed
Great Overview Of Your Data

Jepto puts you in the captain seat and provides a dashboard with a 360 view of your clients' activity. It saves you time otherwise spent on manual and redundant tasks like data governance, performance analysis, and keyword research.

Ibrahim C
Small Business (1-10 employees)
Ideal for those who has KPI and targets in managing their website

Jepto is useful for those who have a certain target or KPI for their website. I linked it to my Google Analytics, Search Console etc. I did not really touch on the KPI part. It did send me update via email when it detected anomaly in my traffic. Which I checked was because I did a campaign for my client that increased traffic to the website. It did have a number of other integration like Google and Facebook Ads as well, but I have not touch on at the moment.

Daniel T
Education Management(2-10 Employees)
Great checkpoint to automate delivery of actionable SEO data

Overall, it's delivered some very helpful data as far as how my keywords fluctuate from day to day, but I just think it has more potential.

Michael K
Marketing & Advertising, Self Employed
Next level real-time forecasts and automate data analytics with Google Analytics

This software does everything you need to see your website metrics, without doing any of the hard work. Metrics can be complex and hard to measure, but Jepto makes that easy. You can connect multiple services and set your KPIs. Jepto will do the rest.

Adeeb R
Small Business (1-10 employees)
Automation to help work smarter

Jepto UI /UX is something to fall in love with, clean and simple, and it works. Jepto has helped me to simplify marketing tasks through automation. I have used the tool with Google Analytics and FB Ads. I was very impressed with how the system predicted the analysis using AI in seconds. Along with GA, it also allows me to monitor my ad FB budgets from a central dashboard. There are other integrations that I still need to explore. The tool also monitors the ads and warns you if the ads are not performing as expected, which is fantastic. From what I have seen so far, the tool is pretty impressive, and I'll continue to test it.

Surabil S
Small Business (1-10 employees)

Jepto is intuitive to set up, updates instantly, and has a suite of integrations that suit all my needs. I particularly like the anomaly reporting which I would say, is worth the price of admission alone.

Bruce K
Higher Education (1001-5000 employees)

Marketing Intelligence and Automation

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