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Multi Location

Reduce manual workloads and get things done faster

Focus your time on tasks that produce bigger results

Cut out human error and easily track performance

Microsoft, Facebook and Google Ads Budgets

Track Ad spend on multiple platforms

Intuitive visualizations and text summaries help you easily understand your progress and what action might be needed to meet your target.

Spend data is refreshed every hour, so you always have the latest information.

Respond to Alerts for the unexpected

React to anomalies in your Google Ads data by monitoring the metrics you care about to receive email and Slack alerts or trigger workflows in Zapier.

Working in a team can create confusion on who is dealing with the anomaly. With acknowledge and resolve statuses you will always know who is dealing with an issue and what the next steps are.

ppc respond to alert
Microsoft, Facebook, Google Ads and Google Sheets KPI

Track KPIs with Forecasts

Whether you are tracking KPI metrics which are calculations that are measured by the period to date (CPA, CPL, Avg. CPC, etc.) or ones that are cumulative (Impressions, Conversions, Clicks, etc.) we have you covered.

Operational Automation

As your list of tasks increases it can be difficult to ensure that you are constantly across every Ads account.

To help ensure that you don't drop the ball, set up an Automation Job to trigger a reminder when an account has not been modified after a set amount of days.

sem change history
Website Monitoring

Website page status monitoring

Never send paid traffic to broken links again, with daily crawls of your site to check for issues. Upon discovering an issue you can configure email or Slack notifications.

Each check can be customized specifically for the status codes you care about.

Create Budgets for each objective

With campaign level filtering budgets can be created for segmenting spend so that your always-on campaigns are tracking against one budget, whilst your seasonal or promotional campaigns are being tracked in another.

Website Monitoring

Data Warehouse

Need faster loading reports than the free connectors or want to take control of your Google Business Profile (GMB) data and store it for easy reporting?

Create a Data Warehouse of your data for
$1 per location per month on top of any Plan.


Full flexibility and pay only for the amount of locations you want to create a Data Warehouse for.


Scalable to any number of locations, you can ensure that reporting is smooth and fast.


Utilizing Google Big Query the setup takes less than 5 minutes for all your locations.

Data Warehouse

Your digital marketing
assistant that never sleeps

Jepto connects to your Marketing stack and allows you to automate tasks and
monitor your data to provide actionable Insights

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