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Peace of Mind

Improve stakeholder relationships by setting up Automation jobs that give you the ability to know that everything is working as expected. From positive Google Reviews to Site performance monitoring, we have you covered.

Time Saving

Some things were never meant to be done manually. Automation will free you from the mundane but important tasks and allow you to focus on where you are most valuable.

Work Smart

Get ahead of the competition by using technology as your advantage in customer relationships and account management. If you do a task more than a few times a month it's likely worth automating.

Put Jepto to work

Time is one of your most precious resources and it needs to be used wisely. Automation can empower you to run a disproportionate amount of clients to staff and eliminate human error.

Custom Schedules

Run automation on a schedule (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Instant) that suits you.

Keep Track

Once your automation jobs are setup, get a clear view of what is running across your account.


Create a template that can be applied to other clients to save on repetitive setup.


Get Slack and/or Email notifications about your Automation Jobs.

Custom Logic

Configure the logic of each automation job that suits your application and business rules.


Scale up with confidence. We can handle thousands of automation jobs at high frequency.

Automation Job Examples

Google Reviews

When a Google review is left, define which star ratings will trigger a notification.

Google reviews are great for businesses to increase visibility, but monitoring them all for the few that need attention can be tedious. This automation job allows you to define which ratings will trigger an insight to be created and slack and/or email notification to be sent. Choose to only monitor for 1 or 2 star reviews to filter out the noise and be pro-active with client or stakeholder communication.

GMB Listing suggestions

Get notifications each time someone suggestions a change to your GMB Listing.

GMB listings are prone to the public, competitor and 3rd party apps adjusting information. Google doesn't send you a notification when a suggestion has been made and relies on you to login to the GMB Dashboard and check. If left for a while those changes are automatically accepted and can cause ranking issues due to NAP consistency and lost business from wrong or misleading information like opening hours or facilities. Solve this with a simple notification and revert any changes that you deem incorrect.

GMB Answer

Get a notification when someone leaves an answer on your GMB listing.

GMB Answers are in response to a Question being added to your listing (We have an automation job for Questions too) and anyone with a Google account can leave an answer. Relying on the public to answer questions on your GMB listing can lead to incorrect answers that may negatively affect how customers perceive your brand. Take control and ensure that you address any answers left on your GMB listing by getting a real time notification.

GMB Question

Get a notification when someone leaves a question on your GMB listing.

GMB Questions are great for engaging prospects with information they are likely to ask, without ever leaving the SERP. Failing to answer a question can leave a business looking disconnected to their audience and worse case, a reply left by someone that is wrong and cause people to find an alternative. This is easily avoidable by having an insight created for each question left so that you have a clear way of knowing what you need to attend to.

Search Console keyword movement

Track movements in your Search Console (Organic) rankings.

Choose from different types of tracking:

  • Move into the top X positions
  • Move out of the top X positions
  • Move more than X positions
  • Decrease more than X positions
  • Increase more than X positions

Flexible movement types along with country, device and search appearance options allows you to keep tabs on your rankings without manual analysis.

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