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Peace of Mind

Improve stakeholder relationships by setting up Automation jobs that give you the ability to know that everything is working as expected. From positive Google Reviews to Site performance monitoring, we have you covered.

Time Saving

Some things were never meant to be done manually. Automation will free you from the mundane but important tasks and allow you to focus on where you are most valuable.

Work Smart

Get ahead of the competition by using technology as your advantage in customer relationships and account management. If you do a task more than a few times a month it's likely worth automating.

Put Jepto to work

Time is one of your most precious resources and it needs to be used wisely. Automation can empower you to run a disproportionate amount of clients to staff and eliminate human error.

Custom Schedules

Run automation on a schedule (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Instant) that suits you.

Keep Track

Once your automation jobs are setup, get a clear view of what is running across your account.


Create a template that can be applied to other clients to save on repetitive setup.


Get Slack and/or Email notifications about your Automation Jobs.

Custom Logic

Configure the logic of each automation job that suits your application and business rules.


Scale up with confidence. We can handle thousands of automation jobs at high frequency.

Automation Job Examples

What would you like to automate?

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