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Animated Keyword ranking report in Data Studio

Dale McGeorge

Head of Product


Create an animated Keyword ranking report using your Search Console data to show performance over time in 90 seconds.

Reporting on keyword ranking is normally done in a table with a bunch of numbers or line charts. These are great options but sometimes Clients or stakeholders aren't able to understand what the trend in data is showing and this is where animated visualizations really excel. You can create the below visualization in around 10 button clicks.

Search Console Keyword tracking over time
Search Console Keyword tracking over time

If you haven't discovered Data Studio's community visualizations yet, make some time to explore the different options available and step up your reporting game. A shout-out to Michael Whitaker for creating this particular visualization.

To create the report you can simply copy this report and select your Search Console account. If you haven't copied a Data Studio report before, you need to click on the overlapping rectangle icon. Once you select your Search Console account you can then customize the metrics (Impressions, Clicks, etc.) you want to display.

This visualization has some nice styling options, so you can adjust the Speed of Animation, Colors, Time Period of changes and even highlighting certain

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