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KPI Management

Don’t wait until the end of the month to learn you’ve missed your KPI targets

Set KPI targets and track progress in real time.

KPI Management

Complex made Simple

Implementing Machine Learning processes into your marketing data now takes minutes not weeks. Connect your data and get a prediction in real time.

Agency Friendly

If your Agency is tracking KPIs across your clients in complicated spreadsheets with calculations and data imports, it's time to make the switch to a scalable solution.

Add to existing Reports

If you already use Google Data Studio for reporting you will love the ability to add the KPI predictions to your reports utilizing native Data Studio charts.

Track your KPI progress and
predict the future

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are often calculated at the end of a given period. However, if you knew that you weren't going to meet your target halfway through, would you have taken action? Jepto makes tracking and forecasting your KPIs easy and actionable.

predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Don't get to the end of the Month only to find you missed your target. Know and take action during the Month with predictions.


Top level view

With a quick glance you can have the confidence to know how all your KPIs are performing. 

customise the visualisation

Customize the visualization

Data visualization affects the interpretation and is critical to get the full context, so we put you in control.


Receive notifications through slack or email

Slack has become the heartbeat of a lot of companies, so choose to get alerts there or via email, or both.


Status at a glance

Time is precious, so statuses are calculated from actual progress and predictions to allow you to focus on what needs attention.

set realistic targets

Set realistic targets

When creating a KPI see if you had met it in the three previous periods, to get an understanding of how achievable your goal is.

flexible configuration management

Flexible configuration management

Choose from a variety of different options and settings to track a KPI that is right for you.

up to date data

Up to date data

Taking action relies on having up to date data. We fetch your latest data update the prediction every hour, so you always have the latest information.

notification settings

Customized notification settings

Get notifications on a schedule that suits you. Once a day or once a week the choice is yours.

Data Sources

Multiple data sources

Monitor your KPIs across your different marketing campaigns and platforms.

KPI Dashboard

Utilize the Built-In dashboard or create your own in Data Studio.

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Jepto App

See your KPIs in card or list format for your whole account or a specific Client. Add comments, see performance history or changes made to the KPI target over time, it's all recorded and available in the App.

Data Studio Report

Create your own customized reports in Data Studio that you can share with others or send scheduled PDF reports. Branding and layout are in your full control, so they can always match your style.

Track KPIs across all of your marketing channels

Predictive KPI Forecasts in 3 easy steps

Get sophisticated Machine Learning forecasts from your Google data with a few clicks and without ever having to write a line of code or hiring a Data Scientist.

KPI Monitoring Card

Each KPI you track will have its own card which gives you all the information you need to know.

Google Analytics Anomaly

Card Contents:

  1. The data source of the KPI and the Client name (if applicable)
  2. Title of the KPI
  3. Target for the period, with the metric and Segment (if applicable)
  4. Visual indicator to quickly understand if the KPI is on track
  5. Overflow menu contains shortcuts and the ability to edit the KPI configuration
  6. Date the anomaly occurred
  7. The daily average you need to reach your KPI
  8. Text summary of the current progress and prediction
  9. Expand the card into a bigger view
  10. Comment on the KPI to communicate with other team members

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Never miss a target again

Get serious about your KPIs and take a proactive approach to performance.

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