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Budget Tracking

Prevent over and under spends on your marketing campaigns

Ditch the daily platform checks and avoid expensive budget mistakes caused by human error with the budget tracker.


Track your current and future media spend with Jepto Budget Tracking

See your current spend and how that compares to the ideal evenly paced spend. Act fast to get back on track.

Budget Tracker Card


Keep track of your Ad spend with automatic card creation for each new period.

Budget Tracking Features


Keep your budgets on track

See how you’re pacing towards your targets with easy to understand statuses and visualizations.


Track campaigns or account wide spend

Configure budgets for a single campaign or a group of campaigns that align to a business goal.


Rollover last month’s residual spend

Didn’t spend all of last month’s budget? Account for the previous periods over or under spend when setting up your next budget.


Forward looking estimates

Get an estimate of what your spend level is likely to be at the end of the period, in easy to understand terms.


Adjust the tolerance

Spend can fluctuate from the start of the month compared to the end. Set a percentage threshold that decreases to ensure you reach an acceptable final spend level.


Visualization Options

Choose between the traditional cumulative line chart or series. Stay in the green area, and you win the budget battle.


Receive notifications through Slack or email

You can choose where you get notifications, Slack, email or both.


Up to date data

We fetch your spend data every hour, so you’re always up to date.

Ditch the spreadsheets and plan your budget across multiple platforms with the budget planner

Budget Planner

How it works

Track your advertising spend with automatic rollover with a tick of a box. All budgets automatically renew at the end of the period, with a full history of spend and rollover calculations.

Unify your ad spend tracking

Track your Ad spend across your marketing stack with smart spend estimates.

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