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Filter the Noise

Control how anomalies are detected to ensure that you set the right policy for the right metric.

Respond Quickly

You are always first to know. With flexible notification options,  get alerted in slack and email or create a custom workflow in Zapier.

Rest Easy

Monitor what you care about, and get peace of mind. Know when something needs your attention.

Sophisticated Algorithm with Easy Setup

Anomaly Detection requires a lot of complicated maths to ensure that you don't get alert fatigue from false positives. Setup on the other hand, is very simple. Just select the metric you want to monitor and get an understanding of how the algorithm settings would have identified anomalies historically. With complete control over the algorithm settings you can find the right setting for you.

When an Anomaly is detected you have the option of getting alerted via Slack and Email. With completely custom workflows available through 1500+ apps by using the Zapier connector.

Communication and taking action is crucial, so let your team know you are looking into something with an Acknowledgement state and then resolve the issue once an investigation is complete.

Track what's important to you

With lots of data, comes lots of alerts and no action. We give you the power to control what metrics are being tracked so when something happens you can take action.

You're in Control

Select the metrics that will be monitored for anomalies and avoid the noises.

Adjust the Sensitivity

Avoid getting alert fatigue by only allowing fine-tuning and show only important alerts.

Positive and/or Negative

Choose if you want to be notified about positive changes, negative changes, or both.

Take Action

Choose who and how you want to be alerted so you can take action before any damage is done.

External Workflows

Automate task creation in your Project Management tool or internal system through our Zapier connector.

Apply in Bulk

Drag and drop functionality to apply a monitoring template across multiple Clients.

What type of Anomalies can be detected?

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