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Rest Easy

Nobody has time to monitor everything, but you also want to know when something needs your attention. With Anomaly Detection monitoring what you care about, you get peace of mind that should something unusual happen, you will know about it.

Filter the Noise

Not all metrics you care about need to have the same level of sensitivity due to their business impact. We give you the ability to control how anomalies are detected to ensure that you set the right policy for the right metric.

Respond Quickly

Failures often happen silently and the longer you take to respond can mean a big difference in the outcome. With flexible notification options you can ensure that you get alerted in slack and/or email.

Track what's important to you

With lots of data, comes lots of alerts and no action. We give you the power to control what metrics are being tracked so when something happens you can take action.

You're in Control

Select the metrics that will be monitored for anomalies and avoid the noise.

Adjust the Sensitivity

Too many alerts is just as bad as none as you can get alert fatigue. We overcome this by allowing fine tuning and showing you how many alerts would have been created with those settings.

Positive and/or Negative

Choose if you want to be notified about positive changes, negative changes, or both. Setup different workflows depending on the change.

Take Action

Choose who and how you want to be alerted so you can take action before any damage is done.

External Workflows

Automate task creation in your Project Management tool or internal system through our Zapier connector.

Apply in Bulk

Drag and drop functionality to apply a monitoring template across multiple Clients.

What type of Anomalies can be detected?

Recognize the unknowns in you marketing data

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