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Work with the tools you already use

Enhance your existing processes and get more out of the tools you currently work with by taking advantage of your data within Jepto.

Setup custom workflows in Zapier, triggered from metrics you are monitoring or send rich notifications into your teams Slack channels.

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Get rich notifications and have timely conversations around performance or alerts with complete context. No more long threaded emails chains.

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Instantly connect to any of the other 5,000+ Apps you are using and create customized workflows to get more done in less time.

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Create workflows with your entire stack of tools with Make (formerly Integromat). Use the built in triggers, actions and searches or a custom API call.

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Data Studio - Reporting

The Reporting connector makes it easy to connect to your No Code Data Warehouse pipelines for fast, reliable and customizable reports.

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Data Studio - Analytics

Use our Analytics connector to make customised reports with your KPI predictions, Budget pacing, Anomalies and Automation Insights.

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Send webhooks when events occur in your marketing data to power your own custom automations.

Work better together

Get the most from Jepto and the tools you are probably already using to make your life that little be easier. You don't work in isolation, so neither does Jepto, we place nice with others.



View your Jepto data inside Data Studio, so you have a complete internal and/or external reporting solution.

start a conversation

Start a Conversation

Notifications in slack allow your team to keep up to date and discuss the latest on your marketing efforts.

custom workflows

Custom Workflows

Setup different alerts in your Jepto account and then utilize Zapier's ecosystem to take action in other Apps.


Project Management

Use triggers in Zapier to create tasks in your Project Management tool to maximize your current systems.



If you need complete customization you can set up a webhook to capture events in your account for full control.



Use our API (Application Programming Interface) to programmatically add or edit your Jepto account settings.

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