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Agency Portfolio

Agency Focused

Easily see the status of every Client's KPIs, Budgets, Anomalies and Automations.

See who is a churn risk from not meeting KPIs or over/under spending on budgets and how many Insights need actioning.

We built Portfolio to be the central place for your whole team to know what is going on and where attention is needed.

client-overviewAgency Portfolio

Client Status

Know the health of your clients with a simple glance. If there are multiple issues that need attention, you can prioritize based upon the status level or which client is the most important to you.


No more checking Google Ads, Google Search Console and Google Analytics to ensure that everything is running as expected. Get everything consolidated into a single place.

Client Retention

Grow your client base without the fear of loosing existing ones. Set up KPIs, Budgets and Anomalies to ensure your service and management teams can track what each client cares about.

Keep across it all

For managers, team leaders or account executives, the health of your client portfolio is your top priority, but keeping across multiple Google services, Social and data analytics is difficult at best. Take back control, with an easy-to-understand view that consolidates everything you need to know about your clients.

keep on track

Keep on Track

With easy to understand statuses and visualizations, never over spend on Ad budgets or miss your KPIs.

track campaigns

Filtered Views

Each team member can filter the dashboard to only the Clients they wish to see.

quick status view

Quick status view

Check the status of one or all clients with the simple traffic light system.

account stats

Account Stats

Easily see how each Client is set up and performing with summary views.

notification settings

Consolidated Notifications

Schedule emails at the same time and get one consolidated email. Or send Slack messages to a Client channel.

Data Sources

Multiple data sources

Bring different channel teams together and have a single view for each Client.

rich layout

Rich Layout

Customizable branding across the App, Slack and Emails give you the ability to share notifications directly with Clients.

data sync

Data Sync

Our robust data fetching process ensures all of your data is up to date and should an issue occur you will get an alert instantly.

Actionable Weekly and Monthly Reports

Get a clear picture of your Clients

We monitor your portfolio, so you can focus on execution and growth.

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