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Know the health of your clients with a simple glance. If there are multiple issues that need attention, you can prioritise based upon the status level or which client is the most important to you.


No more checking Google Ads, Google Search Console and Google Analytics to ensure that everything is running as expected. Get everything consolidated into a single place.


Grow your client base without the fear of loosing existing ones. Setup KPIs, Budgets and Anomalies to ensure your service and management teams can track what each client cares about.

Actionable Weekly and Monthly Reports

Keep across it all

For managers, team leaders or account executives, the health of your client portfolio is your top priority, but keeping across multiple Google services is difficult at best. Take back control, with an easy to understand view that consolidates everything you need to know about your clients.

Quick status view

Check the status of one or all clients with the simple traffic light system.

Plan usage stats

Easily see how you are utilising your plans features or add-ons.

Enrich the layout

Add logos to your client profiles for clear identification and branding.

Data Sync

We keep your date up to date, but should an error occur, you will know about it and can fix it to ensure that everything keeps running.

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We monitor your portfolio so you can focus on growth