This Automaton Job will create a Facebook Ads destination URL checker Insight

Prevent poor landing page experiences by constantly monitoring destination URLs. This Automation Job pulls all of your URLs and checks them for status code errors and/or specific text on the page. Text matching can be utilized for checking if an item is out of stock or an error page that doesn't throw a status code error. You can also add tags to any Ads within your Facebook Ads account when triggered, to make finding and pausing Ads within the native Facebook Ads interface easy.

Basic Settings

Simply select the codes (A clear explanation is beside each code, so you know what it means) you want to be notified about and then set your notification configuration to be alerted via email and/or slack.

Add label if you want to filter the Ads with specific label that you want to check.

Advanced Settings

Text on page Add text that you want to check for and if the text is detected on the URL it will trigger an Insight to be created. The input is text uses regex, so you can easily add multiple text phrases by utilizing a vertical bar (|) or any other regex pattern you need. Matching on the text is not case-sensitive.

Exclude pages — Sometimes there may be technical reasons why certain pages should be excluded from crawls, for example external links are not able to be accessed outside a geographic area or pages that are known to return error codes that you would not like to be alerted to. To exclude a page/s from generating an Insight, enter a regex pattern that matches. There are numerous tools that can help you generate the regex patter such as regex 101. It's important to understand that you will need to escape some characters when inserting them into the field.

See our article on How to use Regex and Examples for more information.