Advertising spend can fluctuate on a daily basis and basic alerts set on fixed numbers are often inadequate in the real world. Therefore, we have set up Budget Tracking to have a start and end threshold in percentage terms.

The default start value is 40% and works down to 5% at the end of the period. These percentages are applied to an even daily pacing of your given time period, typically calendar month. The advantage of having a larger percentage at the start of the period will mean that you have time to adjust the campaign/s spend. 

Jepto utilizes the traffic signal Statuses through the App and Budgets is no different. When you input a target for your budget, each day's upper and lower range is then calculated based upon your threshold settings. If your spend is within these bounds (indicated by the green area) then that status of your budget is On track. 

To help visualize the total spend for the period, we calculate your Period to Date (PTD) daily average and then forecast that out. This ensures that if you are the lower or upper end of your On track range you can see how you are placed later on in the period.

To see how you can adjust the thresholds to your own custom values please see this article

Default settings

Chart Types

When creating a budget you have the option of choosing which graph type you would like to see. Cumulative is the most common and adds all spend to date. Series however shows you the total spend for each day and fluctuations in daily spend is a lot easier to see. Regardless of the chart type you chose, the status is calculated as described above.




Graphs within the App, Email and Slack do not show that warning band, however a status icon will accompany each budget and is updated hourly.

 On Track