How to purchase an extension

Extensions can be added directly after a pipeline is created or by purchasing extension credits through the subscription management and adding to your existing pipelines.

1. Purchase Extension credits in Admin

To purchase extension credits, navigate to Admin > Subscription > Extension.

Note: The extension menu will only appear if you have an active billing method

2. Purchase Extension directly after creating a pipeline

After creating your pipeline you will be directed to the Recommended Extension page, where you can purchase an extension and apply it straight away.

Note: If you create your pipeline during the free trial period, this option is disabled as you must have an active Jepto subscription and valid billing method.

Apply or update Extensions

Extensions are accessible via the cube icon or "ADD" button in the pipeline listing page. Clicking on the icon will open a drawer where you can configure the extension settings.

Note: The number on the icon denotes how many extensions have been added to your pipeline.