This Insight is created from the Facebook Ads destination URL checker Automation Job

If a page is found that returns a matching code then an Insight will be created, giving you a list of action items to fix.

Card Contents:

  1. The data source of the Insight
  2. Title of the Insight
  3. Short description of the Insight
  4. Visual indicator to quickly understand what Insight is it.
  5. Date of the Insight occurred
  6. Overflow menu contains shortcuts and the ability to edit the Insight configuration
  7. The total number of errors found on your website
  8. List of the pages that has an error
  9. Click to see the list old insight occurred with the same configuration
  10. Expand the card into a bigger view
  11. Acknowledge the Insight
  12. Resolve the Insight and it will be transferred on the resolved page
  13. Comment on the Insight to communicate with other team members

Here on the bigger view of the card, you can see the detailed view of each URLs that got an error, you can also download the CSV file for all the errors found. On the "More details" you can see here the Reference number, Insights ID, and the overview of your configuration.