You can control what emails you receive in your user settings panel. To get to this option, click on your profile in the top right and select 'View Profile' and then navigate to the 'Preferences' tab.

Example Agency Weekly Summary Report

This summary email is delivered every Monday morning and is aimed at helping you and your team align on the items that need attention. For Agency Accounts this covers all of your Clients and the stand-out items provide you with a quick summary of things to look into.

Agency Weekly Summary Email

Example Agency Monthly Summary Report

This report aims to give you a summary overview of your calendar months performance. Like the Weekly email, your best and worst performing KPIs and Budgets are highlighted, so you can take action and improve. The status of Budgets switches from On Track, Warning and Critical to Within target or Outside target to inform you of your final result for the month. If you need to adjust the Budget threshold you can do that here. KPIs also change status to either Above Target or Below Target, to help you understand how you performed in relation to your set target. Both the KPI History and Budget History can also be viewed in the history section within the App after each reporting period ends.

Agency Monthly Summary Email