If you only manage subset of clients in your Jepto accounts and only want to show them, you can utilize the labels and filters feature.

Labels can be added to any client, and then those labels can be selected in the filter for only showing clients with that label. 

The filter icon is shown whenever the “All Clients” grouping is shown

How to set up a filter

1. Attach a label to a client by going to the Client Profile

2. Go to any feature and ensure that “All Clients” is selected on the Client selector and click on the filter icon. A draw will expand and allow you to multi-select labels to be included in the filter. Multiple filters are treated as an OR statement, so any clients that match any of the labels will be shown.

Saving Filters

If you would like the filter to be applied for every session then you can Save the filter, which then gets stored on your User profile. If you click on your Avatar in the top right and then navigate to the Saved Filter tab you will see the labels that are saved.

Manage Labels

To see all Labels go to Admin > Labels. You can add new labels here and add clients to a label.