KPIs provide you a way to track your performance against a dynamic or static target.


Once you are tracking a KPI, Jepto fetches new data every hour and builds a Machine Learning model using your historic data to generate a prediction for the rest of the reporting period. Along with the prediction a calculation for pacing is made to determine where you are, compared to where you should be in order to meet your target. 

Using these two value a KPI will be assigned a status.

Google Analytics and Google Ads (Cumulative metrics)

Comparison of metric to Target

Google Ads (Calculated metrics)

Some metrics in Google Ads are measured by taking two metrics and then applying a calculation. These metrics cannot be aggregated through summation, as they are measured by taking the inputs and measured over a period to date.

Therefore, these metrics utilize a Rolling Average to determine the end of period prediction instead. This is also used for calculating the status as illustrated in the table below.

Google Ads calculated metrics include:

  • Cost Per Conversion
  • CTR
  • Avg. CPC
  • Conversion value per cost
  • Avg. CPV
  • Avg. CPM
Comparison of metric to Target

Example: You are tracking Website Form submissions, with a target of 100 per month, and you are currently 14 days into the month with 30 form submissions submitted so far. Even pacing would dictate that if you are 14 days in you should be around 45% of your target, however your submissions are below this and therefore would be considered below pacing. The Machine Learning model predicts that you will only reach 85 submissions by the end of the month, and therefore the prediction below is below the target. The combination of these two will result in the status being Critical.