1. Navigate to the Data Warehouse page (https://app.jepto.com/pipelines)
  1. Select your data source.
  1. In the data source screen you will be asked to choose your account and any data source configuration options.

    During a trial you will have 10 credits which will allow you to select up to 10 Google Business Profile locations (Formerly GMB) or 1 Search Console property.

    For more information on the GBP Timezone please see this article.
  1. Select a destination to which the data is going to be transferred. If you have not used Google Big Query before, take a couple a minutes and set up a Google Cloud Platform project by following this article or utilize the Managed option, where we take care of everything for you.

    💡 Tip
    : If you would like to give view or edit access of a Data studio report and want to restrict what data is visible you should consider creating separate pipelines.
  1. Validation is applied on both the source and destination, which is represented by green ticks. Any errors will need to be resolved prior to proceeding to the next step. You can also adjust the time period of historical data.
  1. Notifications are optional and will be sent in accordance with your notification preferences.
  1. Once the pipeline is created you can monitor its status and any error logs directly within the Dashboard.
  2. Now your data is in Big Query you can start making a report. See here for more details