This Insight is created from the Anomaly Detection Settings

Anomalies for Google Analytics are checked at 8am in the Time Zone of your Google Analytics property, which allows for Google to finish processing all of your data prior to the platform running it through our detection algorithm.

Note: If you have a very high volume of traffic, and you find that Google has not yet processed all of your data by the time we fetch it, and false positives are being created, please contact support to change the time your data is checked.

Card Contents:

  1. The data source of the anomaly and the Client name (if applicable)
  2. Title of the Insight
  3. Short description of the Insight including the metric and GA Segment (if applicable)
  4. Visual indicator to quickly understand if the anomaly is caused by a decrease or increase (Note: metrics with a lower value being desirable are automatically handled by the system)
  5. Date the Insight occurred
  6. Overflow menu contains shortcuts and the ability to edit the Anomaly configuration settings
  7. The expected value based upon your previous data
  8. Actual value that is considered to be anomalous
  9. Easy to read description of the anomaly
  10. Insights are grouped by the Automation or Anomaly Job that created then, this link will show a list of all Insights created from the same Job
  11. Expand the card into a bigger view
  12. Acknowledge the Insight
  13. Resolve the Insight, which will move the Insight to the resolved tab
  14. Comment on the Insight to communicate with other team members

In the 'More Details' drop down you will find the configuration settings that were used at the time the anomaly was detected.