This will be triggered every time the pipeline finishes an execution.

dataSource enum (Possible enum values: GOOGLE_SEARCH_CONSOLE, GOOGLE_MY_BUSINESS)
Type of data for syncing

dataDestination object
Details where the data get synced.

type enum (Possible enum values: BigQuery)
The destination of the data

projectId string
Google Project ID

datasetId string
Big Query dataset ID

tableId string
Big Query table ID

location string
Big Query Data center location.

dataSourceConfig object
Object of either Google My Business locations or Google Search Console Properties.

executionType enum (Possible enum values: NEW, UPDATE)
The stage of execution

  • NEW: Indicates that this is a new pipeline and a historical data fetch was conducted
  • UPDATE: Incremental daily update in which a single days data was fetched

dateRange date
Object of date ranges per entity.

pipelineId string
Jepto alphanumeric pipeline ID

accountId string
Jepto alphanumeric account ID

executionResult enum (Possible enum values: SUCCESS)
Outcome of the extraction and load process

dateSync date
Date of sync completion.

Sample Payload:

    "dataSource": "GOOGLE_SEARCH_CONSOLE",
    "dataDestination": {
        "type": "GOOGLE_BIG_QUERY",
        "projectId": "jepto-data-warehouse",
        "datasetId": "jepto_data_warehouse",
        "tableId": "jepto_domain_gsc_data",
        "location": "US"
    "dataSourceConfig": {
        "properties": [""]
    "pipelineId": "3a0b074e781f4cc6",
    "accountId": "8135dce977f04196",
    "executionResult": "SUCCESS",
    "dateSync": "2021-06-23T06:47:09.950147Z"