Utilising Google Sheets as a data source gives you a lot of flexibility to connect a variety of systems that aren't already covered. For this to work there are a few rules that you need to follow for our system to be able to extract your data correctly. Please follow the guide below or reach out to the support team if you are having difficulty getting your data organised correctly in a Sheet.

1. Make sure the first row is a header row with column names

We recommend all your columns have text in the header row, but you must have text in the first column header, especially if you are using the Create Spreadsheet Row action. Without any text there, the job will send your data to the top of the sheet rather than to the bottom.
Make sure you have a data and it's on a right date format.

2. Don’t include headers for separate sections but do remove blank rows

Your spreadsheet should have no blank rows in between rows with content.

And it should not have any headers for separate sections in the same column.

3. Don’t delete rows

Do not delete rows in your spreadsheet while your sheet is in use, and don't add rows in the middle of data your job has already recognized. This can cause errors with your job. If you need to delete any rows, ensure the job is turned off as you make your amendments. Once you've finished deleting your rows, you can then turn your job back on.

4. Avoid time on Date Column

Intra day data is currently not factored into the prediction process, so where possible please aggregate values to a single day value.

5. Avoid Duplicating dates

The first occurrence will be honoured and succeeding duplicate values will be ignored.

6. Don't include dashes within the Metric Column

Some systems utilise a dash to represent missing or no value, avoid this as we only accept numeric, currency and negative values.

7. Avoid different currencies within the same column

Avoid using different currencies on a single row.

8. Current time will be based on your spreadsheet timezone

9. Rows that has a future dates will be ignored