1. Make a copy of a Template

To make it easier to get started, we have template for both Google My Business and Google Search Console.

GMB Template -  https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/3006aaf4-50bb-4d1e-967c-560de2e9516a

GSC Template - https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/2b7c6276-e627-4940-a2d7-8430958bdcbb

2. Select the Data Source

As we have stored our data in Google Big Query, we need to connect to our table.

1. On the Resource menu, select 'Manage added data sources'

2. Click 'ADD A DATA SOURCE' and then select BigQuery

3. Select the Table and check the date range box

Ticking the date range box allows Data Studio to communicate with BigQuery to ensure that data is fetched as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4. Adjust the report for your needs

Once you connect the Big Query table, the report creation process is the same as any other connector you have perviously used.