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Cookies Table

This table shows some of the cookies we use. As the names, purpose and expiration of these cookies may change over time, this page may be updated to reflect those changes. For more information on how we use these cookies, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Host Name Cookie Name Purpose Expiration
Jepto CognitoIdentityServiceProvider.accessToken Identity 1 year
Jepto CognitoIdentityServiceProvider.clockDrift Identity 1 year
Jepto CognitoIdentityServiceProvider.idToken Identity 1 year
Jepto CognitoIdentityServiceProvider.refreshToken Identity 1 year
Jepto CognitoIdentityServiceProvider.LastAuthUser Identity 1 year
Jepto _ga / _gid Technical 1 year
Jepto _fbp Technical 3 Months
Jepto _hp2_id Technical 1 year
Jepto _lr_hb / _lr_tabs / _lr_uf Technical 1 year
Jepto intercom-id / intercom-session Technical 1 year