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Powerful Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Jepto Affiliate Sales

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1. Add Jepto “Powered” Links and Banners to Your Footer

One of the simplest ways to drive traffic to Jepto is to include a “Powered by Jepto” link or banner in the footer of your WordPress site.While it’s in a relatively unobtrusive position, you’d be surprised by the number of people who will click through these links.Your regular readers return to your site because they respect your opinions and knowledge, so seeing that your own sites are powered by Jepto will naturally attract their attention.On most modern WordPress themes, you can add content to your footer using the WordPress widget system. Make sure to follow best practices for affiliate links. Namely, using the rel=”nofollow” attribute.


2. Add a Jepto Banner to Your Sidebar

If your site has a sidebar area, another easy way to promote Kinsta is to add a banner to your sidebar. In the Kinsta affiliate dashboard, you’ll find a number of pre-made banners in different sizes including:

  • 300×600
  • 240×240
  • 600×300
  • 468×60
  • 728×90
  • 300×250

You can pick the size that works for your site and download a banner that’s optimized for your audience.