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For agencies

Reporting to clients on your SEO efforts and how consumers are interacting with the Google My Business profile can now sit beside your Google Analytics, Google Ads or any other source in Data Studio.

For businesses

Understanding how you are performing at a local level is an integral part of your digital strategy. Get GMB Posts, Driving Direction, Searches, Photos, Map and Phone Call data.

Single/Multi location

The connector fetches data from your GMB account and uses Location Groups for the data source. If you have multiple locations this makes displaying reports for each location in a single chart or table very easy.

Use the two connectors for the low price of free

GMB Insights

This connector will allow you to report on GMB data relating to Searches, Posts, Maps, Photos, Directions, Views and Actions.


Google Reviews

Use this connector to create reports on Google Reviews, including the Reviewer, Replies and Rating.

see in data studio

To get your token for the connectors follow 3 simple steps:

Google My Business Connector Fields

Google My Business Connector Review Fields

Single or Multiple Location Filtering

Only want to display a single location? Use the Data Studio in-built filters to make a report on a single location.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it really free?

Yes! We built the connector because we were experimenting with Google My Business as a data source for our App and decided that we would offer it for free, forever. Absolutely no catch. We don't use your data for any purposes, we only hope that you might browse around and see if our App would be of interest to you.

2. How do I filter data from a single location?

If you have multiple locations, you have several options for filtering data for your reports. For example, you could create a filter based on the Location Name or Store Code for a static report. Alternatively you can create a filter control if you want the report to be dynamic.

If your GMB Account has Location Groups, there is a checkbox in the settings to allow you to edit the Location Group from inside the report, referred to as Business Accounts, and is in the parameters section inside the report.

3. Do you have other Data Studio connectors?

We only have the two connectors, Reviews and Insights. Our current focus is building our App and no other connectors are currently planned.

4. Why is the connector asking me for edit permissions?

In short, there is only one permission scope. For us to access your Google My Business data we use the API (Application Programming Interface) which is considered private, as a formal application needs to be submitted before you can gain access to the API. Because of this, Google has only one permission setting for accessing data via the API which is why edit/delete access is requested. The connector only reads information and absolutely no editing or deleting requests will be made to your account.

5. Why are there separate connectors for reviews and Insights?

When we originally built the GMB Insights connector we didn't cater for reviews and trying to make both work together was going to compromise the existing connector. Therefore, we built the review connector separately due to popular demand and now you have the choice of using one or the other.