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Data Studio Reporting

Get data from Facebook, Google Business Profile (GMB) and Google Search Console into Google Data Studio.


Connect your favorite marketing tools to Google Data Studio

Google Business Profile Connector

Google Business Profile

1 Location = 1 Credit

MORE ON Agency Portfolio

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

1 Ad account = 5 Credits

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Google Search Console Connector

Google Search Console

1 Property = 10 Credits

More On Budget Tracking

How does Jepto Data Studio reporting work?

Select a Plan

1. Select a Plan

The Data Studio connectors are included in any Jepto plan. The reporting plan is our lowest cost plan at $10 per month.

Purchase Credits

2. Purchase Credits

1 credit = $1
1 Google Business Profile location = 1 credit
1 Facebook ad account = 5 credits
1 Google Search Console Property = 10 credits

Create Pipeline

3. Create a Pipeline

Select the accounts you want to report on and then use our Data Studio connector for creating reports from your data warehouse.

What is a data warehouse and how do we use it to store your data?

We collect, process and store your data in Google BigQuery ahead of time, so it's ready for reporting.
We can also create and manage the BigQuery account, so you don't have to, at no extra cost.


How long does it take to get started?

Connect your data to Google Data Studio in under 5-minutes

You can create a Jepto account and connect your data to Google Data Studio in under 5-minutes.