Jepto allows you to utilise your own Google BigQuery data warehouse as a destination, or a managed version which will get you started straight away and doesn't require any previous knowledge or setup. The managed version takes the hassle out of setting up your Google Cloud Platform account and doesn't have any additional cost.

Create a Pipeline using Google BigQuery (Managed)

  1. Navigate to the create Pipeline page.
  2. Select and configure your Data Source
  3. Select Google Big Query (Managed) as your Destination
  4. Add each user that you want to grant access to the data, this should be the email address that you use to create Data Studio reports. If the email address you need is not in the list, please add it as a user first.

Make a report in Google Data Studio with BigQuery (Managed)

1. Open your existing report or make a copy of our templates  GMB Data Studio dashboard template or Google Search Console Data Studio dashboard

2. Click Create New Data Source and select BigQuery
Note: (Ensure you are logged in with the same Google account that you added in Step 4 of the setup above)

4. Find your Project and select the Dataset and Table
Project Name - Your Project will have the same name as your Jepto Account.
Dataset - Each pipeline will create a new Dataset which has a unique ID. This is visible in the 'More Details' section within the detailed view of the pipeline. (see below)
Table - All tables have the same default name. Please ensure that you tick the 'Partitioned Table' checkbox.

To find your Project and Dataset IDs, go to the pipeline listing page and click on 'View', the following draw will appear. From here expand the 'More Details' section.

5. Adjust the report for your needs.
Once you connect the BigQuery table, the report creation process is the same as any other connector you have perviously used.