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Why create a Data Warehouse?

Centralize and combine data to inform crucial business decisions, guide marketing strategies and derive Insights. Create reports and data visualizations with all your favorite tools.

All Your Data in One Place

Consolidate your data for cross channel reporting with industry best practice standards.

Quick and Easy to get started

Set up takes only a few minutes, and we handle the historic and daily data transfers for you.

Affordable Price

Pay only for what you need with no commitments and the data is always yours.

What is a Data Warehouse, and how does it work?

A Data Warehouse is simply a centralized space to store your data. For most marketers this is essentially a powerful and flexible Spreadsheet that can scale without slowing down.

Simply select the data source and destination to create a Data Pipeline. The pipeline will then extract your historical data and run continuously to fetch new data and push into your Data Warehouse. Once in your warehouse you can use familiar tools like Google Data Studio to analyze and report on your data, all without writing any code.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a Data Warehouse?

A Data Warehouse is a Database that companies use to centralize data for querying and reporting.

2. What is a Source and Destination?

A Data Source is where the data is coming from and the Destination is where the data is being stored. An example of a Data Source is Google My Business and a Destination is Google Big Query.

3. Do I really need a Data Warehouse?

Although Data Warehouse's sound technical and only for large business they are essentially just centralized storage of data. The warehouse part is almost invisible in most applications as you can use Data Studio in the same way you use any other connector. You get the same drag and drop functionality you are familiar with but with the added speed benefit of using Google database produce, Big Query. If you are non-technical and want to simplify things, you can think of the data warehouse as your very own superfast spreadsheet that can store unlimited amounts of data and never get slow.

4. How does the pricing work?

Each connection to a data source is counted in credits, with the credits varying depending on the complexity of the data. For Google My Business (GMB), each location is one credit.

5. Does the trial have any restrictions?

You will have 10 credits to create Pipelines and all historical data is included. Just choose the plan that is right for you to get full access to that plans base features and then start your 7-day Pipeline trial. If you get to the end of trial and need some help working out the correct plan, just let us know.

6. What happens to my data if I cancel?

Need to cancel? No problems, just cancel the plan in the subscription management section of the App and the account will continue to run until the end of your billing period. No fees, no hoops to jump through, and you keep your data in Big Query.

7. I'm still unsure on the pricing, can you help me?

We sure can, please get in touch with us, and we will happily take you through the costs and explore the right plan for you.

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